Lessons & Training

heather and tamie At Next Level Eventing, we feel that bringing confidence and understanding to our students helps them produce the desired result, all in a fun atmosphere!

Communication is a huge part of our training philosophy and allows each person, no matter their skill level, to understand how the horse thinks and how to better communicate with their equine partner through simple horsemanship tools and techniques.

From the beginning amateur to the advanced level competitor, Tamie and Heather will teach you how to better communicate with your horse and achieve a true partnership both on the ground and while riding.

Tamie is an ICP Level 4 Certified Instructor through the United States Eventing Association.



Full Training $750
Coaching at shows $150
Riding at shows $180
Lessons $85

*Horses in full training are required to pay an addition $100 supply fee.


Grain is an added expense for horses boarded at NLE. NLE feeds top quality Nutrena feed, but boarders may supply their own grain.

Grain Rates:

Easy keeper $45
Maintenance $75
Hard keeper $125

$100 charge per month includes:

Grooming supplies (fly spray, shampoo, etc.)
First aid supplies for minor issues
Feeding grain 1-3 times per day
Feeding medications
First aid care
Hauling – see hauling schedule
0.75 per mile $100 minimum


Body Clipping $150
Horse show grooming $150
Braiding at shows $35


“I began training with Tamie Smith in 2011, and what a difference that decision made! When I came to NLE, I had no confidence, and my horse was just coming back from a slight injury. Tamie didn’t care that I was a Novice level amateur on a Novice level horse, she just saw that we needed help and stepped right in. She took over the ride, and my horse made incredible improvements. Watching her ride him, and realizing what he was capable of, gave me the biggest boost of confidence which was exactly what we both needed. Since then, we’ve moved up a couple of levels, made it to two National Championships and won an Area Championship at the Training level. Tamie is one of the most talented riders, and best instructors I’ve seen. Not all great riders can teach, but Tamie excels at both.

Recently Heather Morris joined the team, and she and Tamie compliment each other very well. They make an effort to always cover for one another so that there are no gaps in anyone’s training. Heather is also one of those talented people who can both ride and teach. I have learned a lot from her in the relatively short time she has taught me. She creates a very calm and relaxed environment, but doesn’t let you get away with anything. In fact, now that Heather is here, there is no bad riding allowed! There is always one or the other (sometimes both of them) watching you from some corner of the arena, and they never hesitate to tell you how to do it right!

Both Tamie and Heather have the desire to be the best, and to bring out the best in the horses they ride as well as the students they teach. They are extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, talented, and caring. The best part for me is that the training I have received has given me immense self assurance, and competition is fun again. I feel very lucky to be a part of this barn family.” – Stephanie McDaniel

“Training and working with Tamie Smith and Heather Morris has been an extreme privilege. It’s been very rewarding to have become a part of Team NLE. It’s truly amazing to see how their training has truly impacted my riding ability. I could never thank Tamie enough for finding me my horse. I’ve been lucky to compete Kevin Baumgardner’s ex three star horse, Jefferson D’ Aurois. In just a year, Tamie and Heather have helped me compete in my first Novice to completing three Training level events, and aiming towards moving up to Preliminary in 2016. Although Tamie and Heather have big goals of their own, they have never discounted mine. I am fortunate to work for two incredible horse women that have the patience to teach me as I progress through a steep learning curve. I’m proud to call them my coaches. They care tremendously for all of the horses, clients, and working students at Team NLE. Since joining Team NLE, my dreams and aspirations have started to unfold. I could never thank Tamie Smith and Heather Morris enough.” – Sophia Vitale

“I came to NLE (Tamie Smith) in July 2013. I had been away from serious riding for several years and had not evented in over 12 years. The horse I arrived with had a medical issue and I had to put him down shortly after my arrival. Tamie and her staff quickly offered up horses for me to train on and found me a very suitable new match within a few weeks. This horse needed an overhaul and we took him back to basics. I have learned so much from Tamie and am very grateful in her ability to assist me with this challenging TB. Tamie is an amazing coach and rider. She safely pushes me out of my comfort zone and always challenges me to grow. I love that she expects as much or more from herself as she does anyone she teaches. She sets the example as a consummate professional.

Heather Morris came to us this last February, 2015. I had never met Heather but had heard awesome things about her. She is TERRIFIC! What a huge asset to have her with us. I was struggling with my show jumping and Tamie was busy sticking to a heavy show schedule at the time. Heather jumped right in and has been a great influence on my riding. She has an amazing and uncanny ability to dissect the problem and assist you in “feeling” your way to a successful round! Show Jumping was for sure my weakest area and she has helped me make huge strides. I now feel very confident and competitive in this area. She is also an excellent flat work coach. She stays calm and focused on you the whole time she is teaching.

We are very blessed to have the team of trainers we have. They are truly committed to the success of each and every student no matter what level you are riding at. They are each very competitive and keep a rigorous schedule for themselves;  yet always making sure their students are properly looked after and receiving the necessary instruction. They set the example of “commitment” for us all.” – Karen Keyser

“Hi Tamie, I just want to thank you again for such a great clinic. The dressage work we did made a HUGE impact. HUGE. (did I mention how huge?) Very huge. I could probably start crying again. The hole in my riding has plagued me my entire riding life – “sit up, shorten your reins, shoulders back, sit up, sit up, sit up….” UGH! You are the first person who added all of the parts for me, elbows in, back straight. Holy crap! DUH! I usually ride 3-4 horses a day – about 10 different horses each week. I think I’ll be able to make my new ride solid quickly. Feels GREAT!” – Michelle