NLE Schooling Shows

PC: Mike McNally

PC: Mike McNally

Mark your calendars! Next Level Eventing will be hosting Schooling Jumper Rounds in addition to Dressage Schooling Tests. This will be an amazing opportunity for riders to get excellent practice in both the dressage and jumper rings, while also having an educational and pressure-free experience.


 These shows will be held on the following dates to provide no conflicts with the Area VI Eventing schedule, making it a perfect practice opportunity before the Events. The dates are as follows:

  • More dates coming soon!

Jumping will be held in the indoor ring where it is cool.

Class Details


9am – 10am                  Cross Rails

10am – 11am                 2’0″ – 2’3″

11am – 12:30pm            2’6″ – 2’9″

12:30pm – 1:30pm        3’0″ – 3’3″

1:30pm – 2:30pm          3’6″

2:30pm                          3’9″ and over


Dressage Schooling Tests:

The Dressage Schooling Tests will be held on the same dates as the Jumper Schooling Classes. You can ride through a dressage test for just $25 per test. To sign up, make sure to email Tamie at with what tests you would like to ride and also how many tests, so that the NLE team can have everything prepared for your arrival at Tucalota Creek Ranch!


  • $15   per Round
  • $10   per Round for Pony Club Riders
  • $10   Haul-In Fee per Horse
  • $5     Drug Fee
  • $25  per Dressage Test

How to Enter


Send Tamie an email at with an approximate number of riders and horses. Then simply show up, sign a release, buy tickets for jumper rounds, and ride!


The NLE team hopes to see you at Tucalota Creek Ranch next year practicing your Show Jumping skills!