our valued sponsors

We are incredibly lucky to have incredible support from some of the top brands in the equestrian industry.

We consider our sponsors part of our team, supporting us through training, and competitions, and keeping our horses healthy and comfortable through it all. 

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"Fleeceworks has been a staple in our barn our team has never been able to live without."

"The quality and durability of their sheepskin pads are second to none and the breathable support of their shimmable half pads and all-in-one pads have been a major factor in the comfort of our horse's backs. They are always on the cutting edge to improve and develop their pads that are most beneficial to the overall comfort and health of our horses."


"Quality and style are very important to our Team."

"EquiFit has developed products that not only have style but high quality that lasts. After being introduced to their company it was clear they have the same beliefs we do when it comes to having the best for our horses. Their Custom Lab feature gives everyone a way to personalize products to their horses or themselves. We wouldn’t use anything but EquiFit."


"The quality and balance of the CWD saddles are paramount to my ability to focus on my job and not my position."

"CWD’s equipment is innovative and fits my horses comfortably. The one thing I will say about this company is the customer service is second to none and whenever I’ve needed to fix a fitting or assist a client, they are always available and willing to help."


"These beautiful boots are absolutely gorgeous."

"The style, comfort, and durability are incredible and I am so lucky to have found a boot company that not only looks on point but also is comfortable and durable."


"Lifeforce Supplements have been a new addition to Team Next level eventing."

"The variety of choices in supplements allows me to customize my horses' needs and the quality of Alltechs LifeForce Supplements speak for themselves. My main focus is the Joint & Hoof Supplements as well as muscle and topline supplements."


"Flair strips play an integral part in our horses' airway health."

"As anyone can imagine, the airway of our horses is their most important asset. Whether we are schooling, gallop training, or competing on the world stage, we never forget our Flair Strip."

Nutrena Feed 

"Feeding Nutrena for over a decade, I have found every formula needed to help my horse's weight, muscle health, and performance. Whether I am dealing with a hot horse or one that needs extra energy Nutrena has the formula to accommodate each horse. I especially love the Gastric Balance and Topline Balance to top dress on any grain I choose for my horses over muscle and gastric needs."


"The Magnesium and L Carnatine daily and paste have helped not only at home but at integral competitions. Whether I’m using it for travel or to help with muscle health and recovery at a competition, Nupafeed is my go-to."


"The Pro-Force fly spray and wipes are multifunctional and one of the most effective fly sprays on the market. We even use the wipes to help with an overall shine when turning out horses for competition. We also love their hoof oil which gives an overall classy look, but also has important ingredients to help the overall health of the hoof."

APF Auburn Laboratories

"Immune booster, muscle health, & gastric health. It’s hard to believe this small bottle can have so many benefits. I’m even a believer in the human and canine versions."


"For all of our physio needs, MAGNAWAVE is our go-to. Using the MAGNAWAVE machines for both their feet and bodies is one of the best ways to stop injuries in their tracks. The Maia Pro is what we use at home for the overall health of the horses. This helps identify areas that we don’t necessarily see or feel that the horses are struggling with. I call it the horses' voice as they speak to you by their movements to know if we’re addressing the right area. Our Semi 10 unit is FEI legal and small so taking it on the road is easy and effective."


"The infrared therapy wraps are easy to use and extremely effective to keep the health and well-being of my horses in the best condition possible. Blood flow, tendon and ligament health, as well as muscle suppleness, are paramount when keeping horses at the top of their game."

Premier Equestrian Arena Products

"You couldn’t find a better company to work with all of your arena needs. Whether you want to build the best arena money can buy or just supplement your existing arena, Premier Equestrian can analyze your existing sand and help you find the perfect fit. They are knowledgeable, affordable, and friendly."

Jump 4 Joy USA

"I absolutely love the Jump 4 Joy show jumps and standards as well as the cross-country jumps they make. Being able to easily move these jumps is game-changing and the durability is incredible."

mane n' tail

"The Mane & Tail products are not only the best products for turning out our horses, they are good for them as well. We’ve loved their products since childhood and what better way to truly know about a product than to use it for decades. The micro-enriched protein-based formulas perform incredibly well, providing a down-to-the-skin clean, without being harsh or stripping the necessary oils found naturally in the horses’ coat, mane, tail, and skin."

Hilltop Bio

"Hilltop Biologic products have been game-changing in our program. For me, prevention is key to keeping our horses happy and healthy. Using biological product treatments is beneficial and not damaging like steroids. We’ve seen a huge benefit to using products from Hilltop Bio."


Mrs. Pastures

Remarkable Leather Goods